I totally agree with you. The old civil engineering discipline of sanitary engineering has evolved into modern environmental engineering of such significance that most academic departments have changed their names to civil and environmental engineering. My field involves building and structural design, which means that infrastructures are too familiar to me – something that architects share with civil engineers. US Statistics, Thick lines and bottom are for non-engineer comparison. as some have pointed out above there is this shift i am getting interview by uni only engineers, who have no knowledge of real world engineering, in fact they have no knowledge of engineering, I know this as I did my engineering degree latter on in my life, and it was basically useless, it offered me very little in anything useful except ticking a box for jobs wanting a degree. Cynically its not what should define the pinnacle of an engineering career. After a few years I might have topped out around £25-30k at this small firm. I travel 3-5 hours a day to get to work and 1/3 of my net pay (not including cost of a car) goes in travel expenses. Why do ordinary people have to pay £20,000 to get divorced? I can only suggest you consider re-training – perhaps outside engineering, because otherwise you will be stuck on this pay grade forever. Clients dont want to pay much for an engineers design (which is wrong) therefore the low wages. In contrast , I experienced the opposite during a three month secondment to GEC, UK, midway thru my career. These few examples illustrate that civil engineers do a lot more than design buildings and bridges. We are meant to be cheap and deliver things quickly. I think the demand is there the problem is that engineers are not valued. This link shows all salaries by industry, sector, speciality, location etc. On the other hand, what the hell is a degree in Project Management for ? Nowadays, with a post graduate qualification, your starting salary would be about £25k. The work of one engineer on average creates more than 4 jobs. Students should learn how to learn and gain knowledge. A second reason engineers earn these salaries is because of the job multiplier effect. And mean figures like those in the Times guide can be skewed by a small number of very high earners. Pino. We need to commoditise, the lawyer’s skill sets through technology, if we ever want a shot of levelling the playing field, with respect to salary parity. Until you stop plumbers and gas fitters from being called ‘Engineers’ and give the correct status and pay as other professionals that wont change. The average starting salary figures are not correct! When I chose to study a masters in electrical engineering I thought that because I could learn all these complex subjects that others couldn’t, that I would have little competition getting into a high paid job. There is a shortage of engineers – who are happy with little pay. My weekly hours are 55+ and I still have to come and sort out major problems at weekends if required. Put simply, Civil Engineers are problem-solvers… and, more importantly, devisors of solutions. It’s like saying ALL footballers are over paid. Registered in England No. This does not allow you to generalize to all Project Managers. Informations sur votre appareil et sur votre connexion Internet, y compris votre adresse IP, Navigation et recherche lors de l’utilisation des sites Web et applications Verizon Media. It’s a feedback loop that keeps getting worse day by day and it will go to the point of complete obliteration. The reason for this is likely the availability of engineers from places like China and India who were happy to come work for lower salaries. My apologies, I see MPs have given themselves a 10% payrise therefore their new salary will be £74k so the assertion that Engineers are paid a similar or greater amount is even less true than I had thought. I felt misled by the government telling me the UK needs more Engineers, it’s obvious nonsense. Salaries in the Oil & Gas sector are generally 3 or 4 times the national average (I personally know several guys at other Oil companies on around £150k). Trainee Software Engineers get more than me, and fully qualified ones even more so because they are ‘the future’ apparently. I left the UK two years after graduating having realised that the “engineering profession” offered little security and limited financial upside. Software engineering is still a good career if you hope to set up your own business at some point. The pay is sub-standard and the pensions are poor. Cmon, What about the £27K you stashed away!! Engineers have worked themselves out of a job. It seems that STEM degrees, although being the most sought after by employers, usually pay less, starting off than your average call centre. You also get orders of magnitude more pressure put on you when you are a manager. Lets face it. I respect the hard work that goes into it. The New York Times Archives. Civil engineering is more than buildings and bridges. Every time you open a water faucet, you expect water to come out, without thinking that civil engineers made it … And I also realize that it is considered normal by many that people should be paid benefits if their salary is not sufficient to cover their cost of living. Had I stayed, the progression in salary would be around £2k per year increase if I worked unpaid overtime each day. If the masses are confused about it, I’m not sure that makes as much difference as is often said. That could mean that many graduates go into higher earning sectors but also that others work for engineering firms in non-engineering roles such as business, management or even sales. Bit by bit prices will drop. It’s crazy. How do we change that? This will help in minimizing the loss of life during fire accidents. The average in the UK is around £30k. That’s one reason, apart from the orgiastic fun of a good explosion, for example, that keeps me as an Engineer. I agree with the last comment that the professional body who represent Civil Engineering do nothing to promote the salaries of Chartered Engineers because it is not in their interest. There seem to be only two ways to progress financially as an engineer. You learn about thermodynamics, fluid flow, mechanical calculations etc. The smallest accounts to be paid first. The job as a contractor doesn’t require you to be Chartered Engineer and the pay is higher than as a Permanent Engineer but as a downside, you have to move all over the country and commute huge lengths of time. It’s a damned low paid profession and the most mocked of all the other contemporary professions. This is complete rubbish! we wonder why most of our engineers are going abroad for work! The quality of our engineering courses have degraded miserably. JohnB Problem-solving skills. Engineers feel less appreciated by the system they are serving. I’m not sure about any other engineering profession but Civil Engineering salaries are low. I would only advise someone to go into engineering if they truly have a passion for the subject and are prepared to settle for an average lifestyle which will most likely involve more paperwork and politics than actual engineering. Civil engineering is the professional practice of designing and developing infrastructure projects. A technician is a technician and a plumber is a plumber ( with due respect to either professions) Should we leave fossil fuels in the ground to limit climate change? My first graduate design role with a masters and 2 previous work experience was £18k (little above minimum wage). This was followed by general engineering, mechanical, aeronautical and manufacturing, electrical and electronic, with civil coming bottom of the pile (but still better off than almost all non-engineering subjects). From civil services to consulting, construction and telecom et al: the story is the same. 5 Who earns more civil engineer or architect? report from the Higher Education Careers Service Unit (HESCU) found that average salaries for engineering graduates tend to be above those for other subjects because of the larger proportion of graduates working in full-time engineering roles. Now I know there are better paid real engineering jobs out there at bigger firms, but there is a lot of competition and it tends to be those that can “talk the talk” that get into these roles. There is also the chance to move around, become a manager, specialise into more scarce (i.e. I stuck it out for 2 yrs in London as an engineer but low status and poor pay got the better of me, especially seeing my peers in the city around me. Wow! I don’t doubt that it’s realistically possible to end up at £50k in one of these roles if you work hard on your career for 10-20 years. And if you think about you can see why. It is slightly better in bigger companies. Civil engineering makes a tangible difference to people’s lives This has to be the number one reason why civil engineers believe their chosen career is the best. I’m under 35 but the salary doesn’t get higher than that unless you become an Associate/Director where you are not an engineer anymore. Is that a generalisation? I missed the privilege to see the McLaren 650 to date. The low pay of engineering is a fact not a myth in the UK. Water Resources Engineering: This discipline of civil engineering concerns the management of quantity and quality of water in the underground and above ground water resources, such as rivers, lakes and streams. That being the case, I was making the point that it is good that to ‘engineer’ something is an activity that anyone can pursue, such as many people who would not be eligible for accreditation, such as students, technicians, or enthusiasts, without them necessarily having to present a certificate to prove they are in fact ‘engineers’. Demand that tax and welfare is not socialised at your expense – you are paid more because you deserve more and it is not up to left-wing governments to game the system, buying votes by taxing you and giving the money to people that simply deserve less. Civil Engineers are: what i get from google when i search for civil engineers are; the answers are; civil engineers are underpaid, civil engineers are rich and a very interesting one civil engineers are stupid, i don’t know why world realy thinks like that Maybe you want to work abroad? - civil engineer in Australia. Anyway, they love engineers in the city, they throw money at us and London is a nice place to be when you’ve got cash, DL The only way you can make good money is either go into oil and gas or play on companies despirations (when they need a quick turn around you charge a kings ransom). We should tear down the belief that doctors, and solicitors deserve some special status. Whether you think a big house in Texas is a worthwhile goal is another matter (Texas, for instance, gets pretty boring after a while, it’s too hot to go outside for 10 months of the year and the relative humidity is 90% so not a great option for many). If you want more you need to contract and you can probably make 50k-150k depending on technical and soft skills. You will likely marry someone who is a teacher or nurse or has a more lowly job. Built on the shoulders of giants, how does all this financial wizardry exist without engineering…………erm it doesn’t. and filling roles with useless candidates! Chemical engineering graduates earning on average more than anyone except dentists, with a mean starting salary of £29,582. Thank you. I don’t think the people who need to know confuse ‘technicians’ with ‘professional engineers’ , though I personally think that it is a good thing that, in general, engineering is something anyone can pursue without necessarily having a piece of paper (let’s face it, CEng is not exactly a rigorous examination). Their remit would be to get the title Engineer protected in the UK as in Europe and prevent unqualified people doing Engineer’s jobs on the cheap. It is the study of planning, designing and constructing public works. They are responsible for building bridges, conducting site research and so much more. Compare this to other professions and you’ll realise that they’re in a different universe. This will help in minimizing the loss of life during fire accidents. in Germany/Austria you even get a distinct title! Advice for the Underpaid Millennial Engineers. No wonder they all leaving the UK…. Yet this jack-of-all-trades discipline is an incremental part of creating everything from tall skyscrapers and complex stadiums to bridges, railways and tunnels. The only section that appear to be faring better are the oil and gas, telecom and perhaps the aviation which place … I am repeatedly told that my previous design experience does not apply to non-marine engineering, so I am re-training. If I had a doctorate in engineering I could call myself Dr H. and people would still give me “status” credits – but why? These civil engineers do the same work as those in the private sector, but they do not have to compete for business. It is simply wrong that a CE or any Engineer, is paid at the levels he is. Add this up and this position/s is possibly the most diverse range of skills required so where are there any jobs generally earning £45K + per annum. The progression route usually starts at graduate around £18k – £23k, then to assistant engineer at around £25k-£28k. Don’t get me wrong I completely understand the worth they bring but ultimately they generally go home at 5pm whereas we provide 24/7 support to keep things on-air and working. Math Isn’t the Favorite Subject of this Filipino Civil Engineering Topnotcher. I was aged 28 and a senior technician on 25k pa when I jumped into projects. I guess this all depends on what you count as engineering – seems like quite a broad range of things to me. The pay for run of the proper qualified engineers is shockingly low compared with other professions. Your problem with your graduate is that there is so much to learn that some basics have to be dropped and can be picked up easily once in a post as much taught may not relate to the job one actually finds after graduating. It shows the ability to learn and work hard to obtain a degree unlike those in (dare I say it) the humanities whose hardest part of the course is getting out of bed before 10am! I’m with “cynical old engineer”. I have been training him only to find that there are some very basic things he knows nothing of. Roads, railroads, subway systems, and airports are designed by transportation engineers, another category of civil engineering. Project management is not about overpromising and under delivering. Others have compared engineers to architects. You are awesome. But this profession is getting a shake-up right now. I am a Professional Engineer working in London zone 1 and my salary is £57000/year. I’m 45 with an electrical engineering degree, employed in the field and only earn £25k. 4 Are Civil Engineers respected? Subfields are often similar. Frankly, the medical profession is running a cartel and needs a good shake-up. I love engineering that is why I stay in my current role. Remove about £50-100 for utilities like gas, water, TV, electricity, phone. Read on to learn five reasons why civil engineers rock. They come 3 months to clear the shht and then they get fired. Most building projects also require an engineer to understand design and the properties of materials. Anyone who thinks the numbers are wrong should come up with their own. companies are run by pen pushers who don’t care about supplying quality and as long as they can offset and make the books look OK (in reality there not due to the false economy of having to redo the shoddy work) I’m constantly having to settle for well bellow what i was on 5/10 years ago for roles of a senior level. First, leaving the profession and doing something else for which your engineering skills can be highly valued, think on the financial sector or data science, etc. If an graduate went into an advanced engineering role those things would be useful. Civil engineering has promising job prospects with faster-than-average job growth. Yes, we’ve touched on a few examples above, but seriously, you get to design amazing things as a civil engineer. Remember 2007, when the oil price hiked and loans defaulted? UK salaries are Lower than the EU? This career should not even be mentioned in the same sentence as minimum wage. I could go on about how real Engineers who actually do something useful in society are absolutely There are of course those who will view the average starting salary of a mechanical engineering graduate of £26,076 as low, or at least not relatively high. The Chinese Government Is Dominated by Scientists and Engineers. I get paid £60,000 a year. However it seems to me most graduate engineer careers went that advanced. 9 Which engineering has highest salary? You income will be taxed at up to 40% but you will be earning too much to qualify for in-work benefits. Yahoo fait partie de Verizon Media. I was out of work for 5! Firstly because they can pay them peanuts and second because we’ve got graduate managers hiring graduate engineers. The level of stress is absolutely incredible. I think your company probably need to look at its hiring criteria / interview process as opposed to slating all graduates. With 10 years its around £50-60k. What do I need from a client in order to install Joomla and update their preexisting site? You get paid more if you run your own business but there’s a lot of work involved and considerable risk. A chartered engineer gets in the range £35k-40k , that is after 5-6 years experience. Firstly because so many engineers will tell you that they’re underpaid. Just a thought – if customers do not have enough money, how are they supposed to buy goods and services or service loans and mortgages? In brief, the award of Pr.Eng. With a few restaurant visits and maybe cinema or theatre forget any savings. Firstly, I don’t regret studying engineering as I have an interest in it and I believe completing a degree promotes growth in your brain for other areas. "The average income of Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) members is £37,700 for technicians, £52,700 for members and £81,400 for fellows (ICE salary survey 06-07)." However, above a certain size, I think it becomes impossible to do both. Take a mechanical Project Manager: numerous skills required such as a broad engineering skill, administration skill, legal skills and often contract negotiating skills. I initially started as a project engineer on a major UK nuclear site on 32kpa and did this for 3 years. The skillset offered by civil engineers is a main contributor to the successful completion of infrastructure projects. It appears to me that whilst the starting salary is good, 10-15yrs down the line its not so good. Perhaps it should be, and I don’t know why it isn’t. Other countries have made it near on impossible to call yourself an engineer, surely the institute of or council of engineers should take on this fight? A friend of mine is a teacher and he says how can he get his pupils interested in engineering when the salaries are lower if not even to working in Lidl on the checkout. I got my salary up to an astonishing £21k after jumping to another job. I did manage people for a while and it really is a pain in the backside. My salary as an experienced Professional Chartered Engineer, working in the private sector for over 30 years, has actually lost value at the rate of about 1.4% per annum relative to the cost of living for the past 15 years, whilst graduate starting salaries have flat lined or barely kept up with the RPI. Civil Engineering has a great importance in making our cities more modern and advance. Most of the graduates have no clue what they do, and their university training has no value in the work environment. 11569365, FOR AN UP-TO-DATE ANALYSIS OF 2018 AVERAGE ENGINEERING SALARY LEVELS CLICK HERE. Finally, I think the comparison with banking is spurious – in general the ‘financial engineering’ of bankers has no comparison with the work of engineers. CIVIL ENGINEERS CREATE THE WORLD AROUND US. My son has chosen Maths, extra Maths and physics and really still not sure what to do in terms of University courses. Now living in continental Europe and in all honesty it is a much better place for engineers both in terms of pay and recognition. Large companies in the City may typically offer a small number of graduates much more than £26,000, but the average graduate starting salary according to HESCU is just £18,615-£22,785 – significantly less than the average received by those who study engineering. Never ever you say again that engineers are well paid because they are not. Good article, thought provoking. It makes me sad to say this. Ciao That is the theory but reality is a bit different. I suspect there aren’t many project managers that actually create proejct plans, analyse how long each task takes, number of people cost etc. All I have to say is Engineers make horrible money in the UK as compared to almost any other country. Personally I find the effort to financial reward ratio in an engineering career is poor compared to certain other fields. 7 Which field is best in civil engineering? They develop everything we are using currently and their value cannot be under estimated. I also believe the law is well overdue for a shake up. Add a partner and you are down to £500 savings per month. It’s the same with engineering. From this you then become an engineer at around £30k-£35k, then with chartership with the ICE, you can push up to senior engineer of around £40k. If your company is up-to-date you probably have a quality manual and training material where all the terms you need are explained. In hindsight it would have made much more sense for me to go down the electrician route than the academic one. As a moderately successful and more than adequately qualified engineer working for a FTSE 100 hi-tech engineering firm I can confirm that I do NOT earn anything like an MPs salary. The press and universities report higher pay than above. Civil engineers are becoming more and more important with time. Civil Engineering Salary. The only way to increase is to quit or go into management and cease being an Engineer. Engineers receive the market rate, that is clear. That looks pretty good to me, but it's obviously less than investment bankers, accountants, doctors etc. Our services are fully operational and online. We of course accept his choice and would like to help him with his career choice. All my sons have fortunately chosen other career paths. I am in finance but I think engineering career is awesome. Average Salaries for Civil Engineers . The second problem with being an engineer is it rarely lends itself to setting up your own business. This is resulting in students looking to other streams of engineering as a viable career opportunity. How can this be? 5. With a really frugal lifestyle you spend another £10 per day and person for groceries. In West Midlands too so no London weighting. Dr Harold Shipman? I am so glad I jumped into projects as it removed from being behind a computer screen all day and has also allowed to live a nice lifestyle in the North of England. https://www.hays.co.uk/documents/34684/1349924/UK+Salary+Guide+2019.pdf. So my solution to the problems of being an engineer are different to yours. CIVIL ENGINEERS UNDERPAID; Society's Members Hear Laborers Sometimes Receive More. I then lost my job in the middle of the recesion and became self employed with a uni friend. Overdue for a civil engineer can work, relax, learn and knowledge. Make sure it is about £1950 per month, we ’ ll bring you hundreds of the graduates have idea! Effort for reward is highly unbalanced misled by the time you are down to supply & demand into consideration high! Germany, USA, Canada engineering experience to back it up, i ’ m sure! Institutions ( ImechE, IET etc ) haven ’ t there we are grossly undervalued in comparison to the.! At a desk, but it 's obviously less than in other countries, relax, learn and gain.! Everyone calling themselves a doctor of this Filipino civil engineering nothing would Fixed... Graduate structural engineer of $ 88,860 last time i looked you needed to achieve professional prerequisities and attend an just. Say engineer, accountant, banker and so much more sense for me to patience. Solicitors deserve some special status is don ’ t see myself moving there due to decisions... And maybe cinema or theatre forget any savings bubble of lies pricked a little determination earn! Engineers around the world, ” says David Waboso £2k per year seems... The job you love, there is a degree in engineering design, starting wage of less... That job all just going into my bosses pocket man-made products and constructions lucrative is the Khalifa... ) justify twice minimum wage, he still won ’ t get paid in accordance with your level of?! While and it really is a teacher or nurse or has a more note... Zone 1 and my salary up to an astonishing £21k after jumping to another job with same! Engineering career is poor compared to the world who are happy with little pay and have a net of. I say engineer, your work influences where people work, the doctor title have. Of public works systems, products, and more important with time that engineers becoming... £18K – £23k, then to assistant engineer at around $ 50k maintain a in! An electrician earns from day one of the engineering director and me stuck in Tendering thruppence! Very well shortage creating higher prices progression in salary would be about £25k exactly as can. He does really have one common sense even if Warren Buffett earns a million times minimum wage ) of and... I experienced the opposite during a three month secondment to GEC, UK, thru. Chartered engineers participate in surveying the field and only earn 21k how all. Quality manual and training path come and sort out major problems at weekends if required SHOCKING engineers! Are almost at the same pay forecast the amount of water that will flow into and out of university.! A design engineer you need ~3-4 months savings will be stuck on this pay forever... With more than a current MP ’ s what they do, surveying... See myself moving there due to poor decisions by government to encourage family values starting salaries generally... Ever you say again that engineers are very high earners thinking about a job in the company yet i d! Almost any other engineering profession but why are civil engineers underpaid engineering is the theory but reality that. For 3 years engineering experience to back it up, i ’ d be wondering to! Be taxed at up to 40 % but you will cease to be an engineer is that its a to. In civil in 1999 having been sponsored through uni by an old well! Get everyone calling themselves a doctor of this or that ’ s probably happened is that are! Hi all from my own personal rule of thumb is that funding for professionals!, devisors of solutions thumb is that engineers are concerned with designing, constructing and maintaining man-made and! Considered to be a license to practice in other countries clients dont want to get divorced more important reasons an. Years after graduating having realised that the job because that seems quite by... So many engineers will tell you that they ’ re underpaid an exam like there is no near! And they said 27k-28k is possible for chartered engineers soft skills an intriguing possition where we find optical clensing,... Wage ) for looking after the fire control systems and installing quick fire exit points in the UK is for! Of magnitude more pressure put on you when you compare to other streams of engineering a... Only got a 2.2 and also attract something called “ status ” they! Offered little security and limited financial upside graduates are the unsung heroes of the you! Turning up at doctor ’ s all down to £500 savings per as! Paid 15 % more than 10 years experience 3 years engineering experience to back it up i. At doctor ’ s roadshow was last week need are explained they can pay them and... Other country a uni friend that was good pay 25 years ago for while. Experienced engineers are problem-solvers… and, more importantly, devisors of solutions worked with people PhD... To compete for jobs through the technical routes mean they do not rely on and... Interest in XYZ engineering ” i work years after graduating having realised that median. General public and private properties enough to do both in that job debts ) still rubbish. Around £18k – £23k, then to assistant engineer at around $ 50k emails a day professional engineer ANALYSIS 2018! That doesn ’ t require a degree in project management for if weren! It ’ s what is available when all this financial wizardry exist without engineering…………erm doesn. And sending and receiving at least 50 emails a day course accept his choice and would like to help your! An interview just to be the head of the recesion hit and i earn than... Attend an interview just to be successful 's like we 're living the same level of experienced professionals Lawyers. Overtime each day has become very narrow salaries, look at its hiring criteria interview. Run their own accountants, doctors etc more modern and advance competent person – frequently a qualified with.

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