Apart from training, gamification can also be used to enhance an employee’s job performance. Do you remember how energized you felt? This article further reports that using game-based motivation can raise engagement levels by 48%! Hireology and its effort toward inclusivity of its remotest employees It’s the power to listen. Luckily, there is good news too: there is an interesting correlation between gamification in employee training and employee engagement. Moreover, the gamification company Badgeville has stated that its customers were able to increase employee engagement by 20% on collaboration platforms thanks to the gamification of the support processes. According to this Medium article, 90% of employees are more productive when they use gamification and 72% of people believe that gamification inspires them to work harder. And can gamification in the workplace be deployed effectively to spark employee engagement? During her free time, she’s exploring various community events in Toronto and practicing yoga. (Source: Forbes) Let’s look at some apps that nailed gamification and became enjoyable and addictive – and break down the reasons for their success. Gamification has become popular in the workplace because it provides a break from the monotony and gives managers a new way to engage with employees. To reverse these trends, many internal communications professionals and business leaders are looking to introduce gamification in the workplace to boost morale and employee engagement. These Gamification programs provide employees with more frequent and meaningful rewards & … All rights reserved. Gamification is an excellent way to train new employees joining the company or teach existing employees new skills needed to succeed in the workplace. Sales personnel started off as chicken hunters and gradually worked their way towards more rewarding statuses as they became more familiar with new CRM features. At a time when companies across the board are looking to improve employee engagement, workplace gamification is an emerging strategic movement, capable of transforming how employees go about their jobs and find a sense of community at the workplace. On the customer side, it builds loyalty and engagement with the company, which leads to future sales. It happens in the workplace, too. Gamification Encourages Engagement. By incorporating gamification principles within their Deloitte Leadership Academy (DLA), the company was able to motivate employees to sign up and complete training courses. Is gamification just the latest management fad? What motivates each person to wake up in the morning? This can often be a major factor causing disengagement within companies. Gamification at work requires an understanding of the psychology of motivation, as well as a solid plan of what the end results should be. Gamification changes the rules of engagement and inspires employees to change behaviors as a result. Analyze what works and what doesn’t and adjust your gamification plan accordingly. This atmosphere, in turn, improves employee engagement and can easily lead to lower employee turnover, which is always good for the bottom line and the company’s reputation as a top-notch employer. Filza Naveed is a Content Marketing Specialist for ContactMonkey, an organization focusing on innovative solutions for internal communicators, such as email tracking and providing responsive HTML email templates. With the gamified system, Target cashiers attained real time feedback with red and green lights that blinked to show items were scanned optimally. Here are three ways to deploy gamification in the workplace: Having the right training and employee onboarding process is critical to an organization’s success. 3 ways to boost employee engagement with gamification, deploy gamification successfully is Deloitte, Target cashiers attained real time feedback. Sounds like simple math, doesn't it? Find out more at www.jostle.me. Gamification is the application of game-like mechanics to concepts and environments not typically associated with games. You can make the onboarding process even more successful by introducing game-based elements to it. The concept of digital motivation that uses game mechanics in a non-game environment to increase engagement is a powerful new tool. Multiple gamification examples can be studied to understand their impact on employee engagement, brand promotion, marketing, and sales. Apply gamification in your marketing and customer success strategy using an attractive feedback tool. 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Gamification improves engagement with the user, whether it’s an employee or a customer. Gamification, motivation, and engagement. Employees with the fastest times on the floor were to be given cash incentives as well. ... 30 different activities leading to increased productivity, reduced operating costs, more innovative ideas and improving employee engagement. We discuss the many facets of workplace gamification and its four key benefits. Well, it all boils down to basic human psychology. Imagine starting Trivia Tuesdays for an hour every week to quiz employees on the company’s brand values and mission statem… A great example of a company that was able to deploy gamification successfully is Deloitte. Types of gamification Practically, gamification means implementing training tactics that draw on certain motivational factors and user engagement methods. Clearly identify what goals and objectives you hope to achieve by introducing gamification in the workplace. Target was able to overcome this problem and boost employee engagement by introducing game-based elements into the way their cashiers approached their jobs. Consider the following employee gamification stats : 87% of U.S. workers report that workplace gamification would … Moreover, many managers don’t bother listening to their employees’ unique needs and motivations and end up executing gamification projects that aren’t in line with their employees’ values and needs. As an internal communications professional, listen to the watercooler talk and send out surveys to employees to understand their motivations. A Belgian Hospital for training new employees. Since the implementation of gamification within the online courses, there has been a 37% increase of users returning to the site each week. They introduced a leaderboard so that representatives would be able to see each other’s scores and be motivated to work faster. Gamification may be a uniquely effective way to address this issue. For example, if you’re an internal communications manager in charge of introducing gamification in the workplace, you could incorporate some fun employee engagement ideas to boost morale. Gamificationis essentially the process of using game-based elements such as scoring, rewards or competition in workplace settings to get people to become actively engaged with their work. Now that you understand how gamification in the workplace works and why it doesn’t, you probably need some inspiration to spark innovative ideas on how to introduce this process in your workplace. The most engaged employees could win prizes! Three Gamification Examples. Perhaps the best example of a company that failed to use gamification in the right way is Omnicare, an organization specializing in providing support for pharmacy management software. Modern workplaces are now incorporating gamification into their best practices because gamification has the potential to boost employee engagement and productivity. By keeping these basic tips in mind while designing your gamification project for the workplace, you’re sure to achieve your desired goals. You can connect with her on Twitter. 11 great examples of gamification from successful companies By AmerBekic on September 18, 2020 • ( 2 ) In a digitized world in which attention is the new oil, companies and marketers are always looking for new methods to inspire potential customers, … How to use gamification to improve employee engagement The sophomore slump doesn't just happen to college students and professional athletes. The inability of internal communications practitioners to connect gamification in the workplace to their company’s business objectives is a major reason why gamification in the workplace often fails. Imagine starting Trivia Tuesdays for an hour every week to quiz employees on the company’s brand values and mission statement. The beauty of gamification is that it can lend itself to many different purposes – it's being used for marketing, company culture building, project management, recruitment or even taking care of employee health. © 2009–2020 Jostle Corporation. At the same time, they target more engagement at workplaces to achieve high employee motivation and increase employee productivity and retention. This article looks at 3 ways companies have deployed gamification to increase employee engagement. The key to successful execution of gamification in the workplace is to understand what you hope to achieve out of it in the first place. By measuring your employee communications using email tracking tools, you’ll be able to gauge whether your employees are even on board with the idea in the first place. Target cashiers rarely get feedback from their line managers. The intention of “gamification strategy” is to increase overall engagement and inspire desired behaviors in a target audience, such as customers, employees, and partners. Test the gamification process. Employee engagement levels are at an all-time low, with 70 percent of the US workforce currently labelling themselves as actively disengaged from work. Here’s why it works: Similarly, examples of gamification being used in the education sector support the science that goes behind these principles. Design the gamification program around your employees’ unique skills and motivations. Here are 10 examples of excellent use of gamification in business context. Learn why gamification is … But it can often be hard to motivate employees to undergo the training in the first place. Salesforce introduced the “Big Game Hunter” program to increase usage of its complex CRM system amongst its sales representatives and boost employee engagement. Employee engagement is a fundamental concept in the effort to understand and describe, both qualitatively and quantitatively, the nature of the relationship between an organization and its employees.An "engaged employee" is defined as one who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work and so takes positive action to further the organization's reputation and interests. Deloitte embedded gamification elements such as leaderboards, missions, and badges into their online training curriculum to entice employees. In order to increase employee productivity, Omnicare decided to introduce gamification in the workplace. Listen to what your employees have to say. Can you really use gamification to increase employee motivation and engagement?. Failure to understand your employees can lead to failed gamification projects. Pascal Leclerc. According to the 2018 TalentLMS Gamification at Work Survey, employees find gamification makes them feel more productive (87%), more engaged (84%) and happier (82%) at work. Now, they received feedback on all items scanned. Here are 4 examples of gamification at the workplace Now that’s the sort of company I’d love to work for! Nine examples of gamification used in HR 1. When introducing gamification in the workplace, be sure to clearly communicate the purpose of this activity to your employees. It’s also an excellent way to spark engagement among remote and dispersed workers. (Source: FinancesOnline) 60% of employees who undertook gamified training increased their productivity. Now that you have concrete examples from three different companies that have utilized gamification in the workplace, how are you planning to use game-based elements to increase employee engagement? What drives them? Filza is passionate about providing value to internal comms professionals by enabling them to create engaging employee experiences. If done right, gamification can boost employee productivity and engagement. Well, try introducing gamification to make it more enticing. Are you looking to bolster employee engagement? Secondly, gamification helps with recruitment, especially with the new generation in the workforce that is already geared to gamified processes. Before this gamification concept was introduced, the cashiers had no way of knowing how effective they were. Make your employees happy and remember intrinsic rewards cost little or none. As organizations have become more focused on business objectives, gamification has increased because it can help the workplace become more engaging and productive. When designing gamification for employee engagement, organizations should pay attention to these four psychological factors that will impact employee behavior: 1. 6. As always, whatever the technology or trend, what we are adapting through gamification is the communal and meaningful experience that fully engages us. What drives each individual? Motivation Learn to listen and understand your employees’ unique needs. The benefits of gamification are anchored on motivation and use of reward systems, both of which are covered by the latest gamification trends . To improve those numbers, businesses are turning to gamification techniques. Gamification Examples - Is Your Company Ready for 2018 Employee Engagement. Gamification could go a long way towards enhancing the employee’s trust and engagement. It’s a one time cost thing. The reason for the failure of this gamification process was that Omnicare failed to understand what truly motivated and drove these help desk workers. Marriott for Recruitment. At L&T, a gamification initiative helped drive employee engagement and performance even in a traditional sector like engineering and construction. We sometimes forget that employees need regular feedback and communication from their managers to perform their jobs well. For example, if you’re an internal communications manager in charge of introducing gamification in the workplace, you could incorporate some fun employee engagement ideasto boost morale. Once you have an understanding of what drives your employees, you can then create the right incentives and rewards systems that are likely to excite them and motivate them to increase their job performance and productivity. The employee engagement problem continues to perplex internal communications and HR professionals. Google doesn’t just use gamification for employee engagement but also uses it in the recruitment process. When one designs a gamification process, people tend to learn things in an interesting and engaging manner. Gamification can be an option to mitigate the 3 challenges mentioned above and drive employee engagement and performance. Hit certain business targets? Granted, the fact that almost a third of the employees feel bored and unproductive during their training isn’t great. Although there are many successful gamification examples that have cleverly incorporated game mechanics such as leaderboards, badges, and progress bars to provide real-time feedback and increased engagement, you have to wonder how in the world could you possibly make the most mundane tasks intrinsically motivating. Are your employees competitive and motivated by prizes and rewards? Be sure to also listen to your employees’ unique needs and motivations so that you can come up with the right kinds of reward systems to implement into your gamification process. Uber Gamification Example Naturally, injecting some fun into any kind of task is automatically going to be stimulating. Log in, A skinny video review of the #cipdLDshow 2017 with Martin Couzins & Mike Morrison, The Impact of the Web on Accelerated Learning, Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Models, http://www.pcworld.com/article/2047564/gamification-using-play-to-motivate-employees-and-engage-customers.html, Gamification to Increase Employee Motivation and Engagement. Employee gamification is the use of game-like elements, such as points scoring, rewards, and competitive platforms to boost employee engagement. Sounds like they turned their CRM into a fun video game. Gamification is certainly a strong mode of innovation for employee and customer engagement. Are they opening the emails you’ve sent regarding the implementation of gamification in the workplace? US Army Gamification is essentially the process of using game-based elements such as scoring, rewards or competition in workplace settings to get people to become actively engaged with their work. On the whole, do your employees enjoy recognition and status or small tokens of appreciation, such as gift cards? It was only after Omnicare moved away from the cash-incentives and re-designed the game to focus on short-term rewards that were achievement and recognition driven that they were able to increase employee engagement. ... Rotate the challenges, change up the rewards and employe automation that's delivered by professional employee engagement and gamification platforms. For one customer, compliance increased by over 40%! 1. Gamification in real-life. The above-discussed examples are great gamification concepts integrated with many renowned organizations. 70% of workplace transformations fail due to lack of engagement. But what exactly is gamification? Are they responding? If this sounds like the kind of fun your employees need desperately, you should read on to seriously consider introducing gamification in the workplace. Do you know which superpower I’m talking about? Sounds like it became an addictive video game, doesn’t it? hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(1842135, 'faf10bbe-503c-436a-a16f-d85dcca68056', {}); Jostle Corporation is the creator of a new kind of employee intranet. January 11, 2018. Is gamification the answer? Google then offers interview calls to the best performing candidates. That’s because in order to execute gamification in the workplace successfully, you need to tap into a super power that many leaders and internal communications professionals forget they need. Domino’s 5. The value of gamification for corporate training is reaffirmed by the following stats: Company gamification training features are said to increase by 60% the level of employee engagement and enhance productivity by up to 50%. The results were disastrous. Perhaps the best example of game-based learning to boost performance enhancement can be found from Salesforce. Wait times were at an all time high, employee turnover rose tremendously, and customer satisfaction dropped to an all-time low. In order to ensure your gamification efforts truly create engaged employees, internal communications professionals and business leaders should keep the following tips in mind: Be sure to truly measure and gauge employees’ reactions within all internal communications regarding the gamification process. Workplace incentive programs are improved due to the introduction of ‘Gamification’ in it. Remember that time you won the trophy at your school’s national sporting event? The Definition of Gamification. This is important because 70 percent of business transformations fail due to lack of engagement, says NewVoiceMedia CMO Tim Pickard. Gamification offers companies huge benefits, leveraging the process to improve customer and employee engagement, boosting productivity and increasing revenues. What motivates them? How to Use Gamification to Engage Employees More companies are adopting gamification to improve engagement with both employees and customers. In 2019, they launched Noble Gamification 2.0, which they call a “unified employee engagement platform designed to increase agent productivity and reduce attrition.” It allows users to compete on live leader boards, check other agents’ performances and redeem points for prizes. By introducing gamification and delivering key information in small, retainable chunks, L’Oréal has made it clear that engagement begins at the start of the employee lifecycle. Well, it isn’t all that simple. Or do they prefer quiet praise and a salary raise? The company also conducts Google Code Jam competitions to attract fresh and new talent, and winners can win prizes of up to $50,000. And this can be easily applied to your employees in the workplace to bolster employee engagement. Gamification generally offers benefits like friendly competition, motivation for course completion, engagement with the material, and a sense of achievement. The help desk representatives started feeling like they were being micromanaged. Your email address will not be published. The above examples clearly show that if implemented successfully, gamification can enhance job performance, boost employee engagement, and improve internal communication. The gamification method happens to be one of the cost effective methods for employee engagement and hiring processes as there are no traveling costs or training costs involved. According to gamification expert, Gabe Zichermann,"People may be motivated by getting a gift card, but what really drives them is recognition [as well as] status.”. The company was facing long wait times at its helpdesk. Then, if it’s a fit, design a game-based system that will work for them. Source: Marriott.com. Gamification in the workplace remains a hot topic among leaders in the business world as well as within internal communications. And test the gamification project after its implementation to gauge what worked and what didn’t. 3. The purpose of this paper is to find out the effect of Gamification on employee motivation, employee engagement, employee retention, employee loyalty and organizational commitment. 1. The stats say it all. The company decided to change this by implementing gamification elements, enabling cashiers to play a game when checking out items for customers. When done correctly, gamification can enhance the workplace culture and employee engagement to a large extent. If low employee engagement comes from a lack of personal investment in daily activities. 4 Examples of Gamification in the Workplace To Engage Employees. Engaged employees lead to more productive employees who will help you attain business results. So why exactly does introducing gamification in the workplace boost employee engagement?
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